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What We Do

Experiment - Tea - Hard Water Vs Soft Water Vs Filtered Water A little experiment conducted by Emma on the perfect cup of Tea
Hard Water Vs Soft Water Vs Filtered Water

Many of us enjoy a good cup of Tea. I myself can’t drink coffee, so I drink Tea to get my caffeine fix. Over the years I have had some really good cups of tea – as well as some disastrous ones.

I have personally found that if you have hard mains water then there are several issues whilst making a cup of tea.

Hard Water:

1) SCALE: Not only does the calcium in the water turn to scale in your kettle when it is heated it leaves bits of hard scale in your tea which you then ingest! It also furs up your kettle/Coffee Machine with scale which eventually will cause it to stop working efficiently or the kettle will stop working all together.

2) CHLORINE: The smell and taste of chlorine is rather disgusting. It taints the tea – and I don’t know about you but I don’t like drinking tea that smells like it’s been made with water from a swimming pool.

3) Hard Water leaves a slick on top of the tea. It also makes tea look murky.

Vs Soft Water

Although a water softener WILL NOT remove the chlorine, it DOES remove the calcium leaving behind soft water meaning there will be no scale build up in your kettle/Coffee Machine, no scale bits floating around in your tea or being consumed – problem 1 above solved.

Now for problem 2! The Chlorine issue. This needs to be dealt with by using a drinking water filter.

Vs Filtered Water

Having a water softener is extremely beneficial in your home – it will protect your whole house from scale build up – washing machines, dishwashers, kettles, Coffee Machines, pipes, taps, showers etc. To me, Soft water tastes rather bland as Calcium is what gives water its flavour.
So to get the perfect water for tea/coffee you need a specific water filter. If you choose a RGC filter system this will remove the calcium, chlorine, any heavy metals and the scale and the scum – making the perfect cup of tea and it will also protect your kettle from scale build up. – Filters last up to 6 months depending on usage and water quality.

Have a look at the pictures below to see the difference between Soft Water and Hard Water. (Please note that the using the RGC you will have the same picture results as soft water)

If you would like some further information on products to achieve the perfect brew then please give us a call.

Or if you have any feedback, advice or your personal experience, please use the customer feedback button on our home page – we are always interested to hear feedback from our customers.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is my personal experiment, my personal views and opinions. The photos were taken by myself at different houses in my local town in Shropshire. Using the same cup, the same brand of tea bags, Brewed for the same amount of time and photos taken at the same time to make this a fair experiment. Hardness levels and chlorine levels do vary up and down the UK.


The End Result of my perfect cup using Soft Water
Made using Soft Water
Clear Tea - Using Soft Water
No Scale or Scum - Using Soft Water
More Turbid Tea using Hard Water
Using Hard Water
A slight slick on the Tea - Using hard water
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